Download Aktivin

Aktivin is available in both App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

Tap on below button to be redirected to each store.

Q : What if my phone cannot download Aktivin?

Android : You can download and install Aktivin from external source by using .apk file. Kindly click this link to download.


Option 1 : Login with Google, Facebook

We'll be getting your profile picture, full name and email if you're using Google or Facebook login. Any other information will NOT be retrieved.

Option 2 : Login with Community ID

This option will apply only for selected programs.
If your program is using Community ID system, you can login to your Community account by choosing "Login with Community ID" option. Kindly fill in the login information that we've sent to you via email.

Q : What is the difference between password dengan static password?

Password is used to get inside your account. You can use static password if you lost / forgot your login credential. You may need a dynamic password which can be produced by program PIC or you can contact Aktivin Customer Service to get this password generated to you.

Activity Submission

Daily Step Count

Aktivin has a step counting feature which makes use of hardware inside user's smartphone.

Our step counting feature has the same mechanism as Google Fit in Android phones or Apple Health in iOS.
However, this feature may not be working on some phones like Samsung phones. If you use Samsung phone, you can use Samsung's step counting app (Samsung Health) or wearables (if any) and submit your daily step count manually in Aktivin app by uploading the screenshot.

Other Activities

Step 1a : Strava synchronization

How to Connect Strava account to Aktivin:
1. Press on Settings (gear button) on the top right side of Aktivin home page.
2. Choose "Connect App / Wearables" (EN) or "Hubungkan Aplikasi/Perangkat" (ID).
3. Press Strava button
4. Login to your Strava account.
5. Make sure that both the tick boxes are being ticked, then click Authorize.
6. Your ID will appear on the top left side of Strava button.

Q : I used Strava to track my activity, why my activity is not being saved in Aktivin?

There are some activities that cannot be inputted into Aktivin from Pull Data feature. Below are some possible scenarios.
1. Your activity has been added into Aktivin, either from your account or from other Aktivin account. We ensure that every activity can only be added ONE TIME.
2. Your activity is manually inputted in Strava.
3. Your pace is faster than our/race organizer's guideline.

Tap on the activities that you want to process and click on "Process Activity" button on the bottom of the screen.

Q : I have a wearable. Can I use my wearable instead of using Strava?

Yes you can! Connect your wearable to Strava, and you can retrieve your activities and sync them to Aktivin.

Please refer to instruction below for syncronizing other application/wearables.

Step 1b : Synchronize other App/Wearables

How to Connect other application/wearables account to Aktivin:
1. Press on Settings (gear button) on the top right side of Aktivin home page.
2. Choose "Connect App / Wearables" (EN) or "Hubungkan Aplikasi/Perangkat" (ID).
3. Press application/wearables button you want to synchronize
4. Follow the instruction.

Q : I use another tracker app. Can I use this instead?

We give you freedom to use any trackers that you want. Currently we already support Strava for synchronization, however, if you want to keep using the tracker that you use, you may add your activity manually by using "Manual Submission" in Aktivin app.

Step 2a : Automatic Pull Data

For application and/or wearables without automatic push data feature, data will be pulled to Aktivin just by opening Aktivin application. Pop-up window will appear and show your activities data pulled by Aktivin.

Some applications and/or wearables may have automatic push data feature once you sync your wearables or log your activity to the system, and you don't need to sync or pull data manually to Aktivin anymore.

Step 2b : Manual Pull Data

How to pull your data from third party app/wearables to Aktivin.
1. Click on Pull Data button on Aktivin home.
2. Press "Fetch Activities" button on the bottom.
3. Your activities will be fetched.
4. Tap on activities that you want to add to Aktivin.
5. Click "Process Activity" button

You may not be able to pull some data due to:
1. Pace faster than Aktivin's guideline.
2. Manually inputted activities.
3. Activities already inputted to Aktivin.

Activity Manual Submission

How to add manual activities in Aktivin:
1. Open Aktivin app, and click "+Manual & Reservation".
2. Fill in the form and upload the proof of activity, then click on "Save Activity" button.
3. Your screenshot has to contain several activity indicators such as:

For daily step count: Step counts, date of activity
Other activities: distance, duration, map (if any) and activity date.

Q: Why my activity is not being reflected in the leaderboard after I submitted my activity manually?

All submitted activities will undergo checking from our Admin to ensure that all submitted data is valid and if there are duplicate and/or overlapping activities.

This process might take maximum 1x24 hours.

Q: Can you show me what kind of screenshots that I have to submit to Aktivin?

Kindly refer to below items to see screenshots that we received. You can see on the right side list of screenshots for daily steps and on the left side for other activity type.

Activity History

You can access list of your activities by clicking on "Activity" button on the bottom right side of the navigation bar to see the list of activities that you submit manually and synced from other apps.
You can see list of activities, dispute Admin's decision on your activity (if it's rejected or not being approved after 24 hours) or to delete your activity.


Click Leaderboard button on the home page.
You can see how you stack against other participants. To see team performance, you can tap on filter icon on the top right of the Leaderboard page.

You can also see Leaderboard for other programs by tapping Filter button.

Join Team

Navigate to 'Profile' page by clicking button at bottom page.
Click '>' button, then click '+' button at the top right page, type your team referal code at the popup field, and lastly click 'Verify Invitation Code' button.

Change profile picture or name

Navigate to Profile page to change your profile picture or your display name by tapping the button on the top rightmost side of the home page.

You can change your profile picture name by tapping on your photo in the Profile page. To change your name, tap on Pencil button on the top right.
Note: Aktivin will receive your photo in 1:1 ratio.