The Aktivin application is available in the App Store (iOS) and the Play Store (Android).
Press the icon below to go directly to the download page from your phone.

Q : What if my cell phone can't download Aktivin?

For Android, you can download and install the Aktivin application from an external source (.apk format). Get the Aktivin application externally here


Each participant will receive login information (Corporate ID, Username, and Password) to login into Aktivin using Community ID.

If you are still logged in with your previous account, please logout from your account by clicking gear icon on the top right of home screen to reach Settings menu, and press Logout.

Choose "Login with Community ID" option and enter the login information that has been given to you.


1. Step Tracking

1.1. Automatic Steps Tracking

For most Android phones, steps displayed on Aktivin is taken from phone's pedometer system managed by Google Fit except for some brands such as Samsung, Oppo and Vivo since they are blocking data access from Google Fit to the sensor.

If your phone does not show your current steps, you can try downloading Google Fit and see if it's solving the problem, or you may track your daily steps using each phone's respective activity tracking apps :
- Samsung Health for Samsung
- Jovi Smart Scene : Sport for Vivo
- Oppo Smart Asisstant or Google Fit/Assistant for Oppo (depends on your ColorOS version)
And because the data is seperated with Google, the steps shown on respective apps does not reflected on Google Fit. You can still submit steps data manually using 'Manual Input' feature below.

Please refer to this steps if you are using Oppo :
Check your ColorOS version through [Settings] > [About phone].
- For ColorOS 6.0 to 7.2 :
Go to [Settings] > [Smart Services] > toggle [Smart Assistant] to enable.
-For ColorOS 5.0 to 5.2 :
Go to [Settings] > [Smart & Convenient] and turn on [Smart Assistant].
(In the Arabic language, swipe left from the right edge of the home screen). then tap [Turn on Smart Assistant].
- ColorOS 11 and above devices have replaced Smart Assistant with Google Assistant. Check directly on your phone in [Settings] > [Smart Services].

Please refer to this to activate Jovi Smart Scene on Vivo :
- Go to Settings>Jovi>Smart Scene
- Turn on Smart Scene
- Scroll down, turn on Notification reminder to enable Jovi Smart Scene.

1.2. Add Activity Manually

Steps for manually adding an activity to Aktivin:
1. Open the Aktivin application and click the "Add your activity manually" button.
2. Fill in the form and upload a screenshot of the activity, then click the “Save Activity” button.
3. Your screen capture must have activity information such as: other activities ⎼ steps, date of activity, and other indicators that may explain your activity

Q : Why has my activity on the leaderboard not been updated after submitting an activity?

All of the activities that are manually added to Aktivin will undergo a checking process by our admin to make sure that all data is valid and to check whether any activities have been recorded more than once (duplicates) / conducted simultaneously (overlaps). This process may take a maximum of 24 hours.

Q : What form of activity screenshot is needed as evidence to add activity to Aktivin?

Here are some forms of activity screenshots that are accepted at Aktivin.


You can access your list of activities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Click the "Activity" column at the bottom right of the main page of the app to see all activities from Strava and/or activities that have been manually uploaded to Aktivin.

You can view the activity details, submit a re-evaluation in relation to the admin's decision about an activity (if it is rejected), and/or delete the activities that you have entered.


Click the Leaderboard button on the main page of the Aktivin application. You can see your achievements as well as those of other users. To see your team’s performance, use the Filter button at the top right of the Leaderboard page.

You can also see the achievements of users in other programmes by going to the Filter feature.


You can change the name and profile photo on your account by pressing the Profile button that is located at the bottom right of the main application page.

Click the profile photo column to change your photo or click the Pencil button on the right to change the name of the account profile.
Note: The photo frame ratio that is used is 1:1.