By making donation to Aktivin's program, you agree that all transactions is made consciously and without any coercion from other parties. All transactions cannot be reversed nor cancelled.


Find specific team/participant

Type in the team/participant name to filter out based on your search term. By filtering out the team/participant with the search term, you will save time to find the team/participant you are looking for.

List of Participants & List of Donors

You can see participant information and current activity point for each participants by clicking on 'Participants List' button on each team card.
'List of Donors' button will show list of donors to the respective team. Donors who choose not to disclose the name (donate as Anonymous) will be shown as 'Anonymous'.

Q : Can I donate to more than one team in one transaction?

Sure, you can enter the number of points that you want to donate to the team and the total amount will update accordingly.

2. donor information

Donor personal information

You may or may not disclose your personal information when making donation. If you flag a donation as Anonymous, you'll still be asked for name and email. This information will only be used for identification purpose and proof of donation email notification.

Email will only be used to send proof of donation.
By not filling email field, you are agree to not receive donation receipt.


You can find below the list of payment method that you can use to pay your donation.
- Debit/Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB)
- Virtual Account (BCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri, Permata)
- E-Wallet (QRIS, Gopay, OVO, DANA, ShopeePay)

Notes :

Online payment using Virtual Account, Debit/Credit Card and E-Wallet will be verified automatically and being updated right after you finish your payment.

1. If you choose to pay your donation using Manual Transfer option, we will need to verify your payment, maximum one working day. After we verify your payment, donation point will be added to the respective team.

2. If you're using manual transfer method, you HAVE TO input the three digit unique code which will appear on donation confirmation page. Transferring with different/incorrect amount may cause your donation not being able to be identified or your donation will be transferred to another team, or being split into several teams, based on organizer discretion.